We have a new forum structure around here ... please take a looksie around and then let me know opinions! Thanks :)

Any chance of pointing the new structure out?

I haven't immediately noticed anything different?


Steveneven -Dave

The former Programming Languages section has been renamed Software Development and some languages such as Python and C# have been brought out from subforums. The .NET framework forum was subdivided. A new forum called Software Design was created. Other new subforums were created.

The Scripting Languages section has been renamed Web Development. Databases and Web Technologies have been moved to this forum. A new forum called XML & Soap was created.

The former Web Development section was combined with the former Internet Marketing section to create an Internet marketing and Resources section. Some of the forums from the I.T. Water Cooler were moved here to unite everything that would be of interest to the webmaster. There was also some minor restructuring and new forums were created.

In Tech Talk, the troubleshooting dead machines subforum was brought out from under Hardware to the main section. A network security forum was created.

The Webmaster Marketplace was moved up from the I.T. water cooler into the Internet Marketing and Resources section, turning the I.T. water cooler into a business development center. The Help Wanted forum was split up and renamed Job Offers.

A community introductions forum was created in the Coffee House based off of the Introduction threads in the Geek's Lounge.

Plus a bunch of other changes too!

Wow, you guys have been busy,

That many changes, I bet you hate me for not noticing ... Sorry :o

Steveneven //Dave

I think everything looks great! The one little thing I´ve been thinking about is the ¨other browser¨ content in the IE subforum. I´m not really sure how you would solve that but just food for thought.

Thanks for the feedback, folks :)