I'm learning Assembly and every time that i ask something here in this forum of Assembly the person that reply me is @wildgoose, that is a person that answer to you with respect, gently and much of learned things in Assembly, because of this things and many others i will like very much if @wildgoose be promoted to moderator of the Assembly forum.

Nathan Paulino Campos

i feel the same way on how nathan feels..wildgoose help me with my assembly problems too, and even let me think after him giving some of the codes and left some important code for me to solve for..

Ahem! I appreciate the thoughts but no thanks. As of this coming Monday my free time will be severly taxed so I might find time to help with the various assemblies but will have to back off all the other sub-forums. There are many other capable programmers out there that will be glad to get the chance to post and will be happy that I'm not pouncing on the subjects before they have a chance to!

My posting and helping others has been a nice distraction for me and as wierd as it sounds, addictive! I've also learned a few new things so I'll still be around.

So thanks but no thanks!

Contrary to popular belief, moderator duties really have little to do with being knowledgeable about a particular subject. Moderating has more to do being online and keeping threads in order:

  • Deleting spam.
  • Splitting threads that have been replied to after being dead for months or years.
  • Combining duplicate threads, or removing or combining duplicates.
  • Applying code tags.
  • Issuing warnings or infractions for various "policy violations".

None of this really has much to do with knowing assembly or C or troubleshooting dead machines. It's really more like janitorial work: "forum cleanup in aisle 5". :P

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