Hello guys,

I am wondering how to promote business online. Ive tried adwords, and it didnt work for me.

Are there any websites where you can get efficiently promoted?


What is your business model like? Without divulging your actual site (as that's against our rules), are you an online publication that makes money from advertising ... or an eCommerce site that sells a product? Or are you an online service? Do you charge by subscriptions or a one-time fee?

Companies with different business models have the best results advertising in different ways. AdWords tends to be best for eCommerce sites when you use their conversion tracking ... You know exactly how much money you're making off of each visitor and you know exactly how much money you're spending off of each visitor.

Publications that earn revenue from advertising are a bit different ... The money is made more in word of mouth marketing and ensuring really good SEO, because that ensures free traffic from the search engines over an extended period of time, but requires a constant supply of new content being posted daily.

Its service - you know the URL (in our msn chat).
I did realize that promotion on YouTube is the best, but I don't have much potential there.

you should insist on, there is little free source for promotion your business online.

Agree with Dani, inspire your visitors to spread the word for you with viral marketing techniques, from the newsgroup participation to including an "e-mail this link" on every page of your site.

I think branding should go consistent across all the marketing efforts, therefore social media optimization should also be part of your online marketing strategy.

commented: tanx bobchrist, ur suggesttion about branding the site reaally helped +0

you must promote your website through SEO. this is a very good way to increase the traffic on your website.

Before you do any promotion, make sure you have a stable onpage optimization of your site. Find people thats related on your category, answer their questions and give advice. Its better to make them closer so that they'll trust you.

commented: i understandind that u r talking about the need to develop biz relation with pple that do the same kind of business. I think the need to emphasize a major rpoduct is imperative also +0

Firstly, you should be decided what types of your business who about to promote and after when you promote a business on line then first your site should be proper category.

Try PPC if you want to have better conversion.

Make u r site to be optimized and make u r site to be user friendly..... make u r site marketing in the internet

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dear you can contact to any seo firm to rank your web high in search engine or to increase traffic on your site.can u send me the address of your web.so that i can analyse how much effort is needed.thanks i am waiting for your response.

Here you have to write yourself something good as per topic where you are giving comments and as per assignment ... at least 1 to 2 lines longer ... You must have to write your assignment URL anywhere while posting your ad. It can be Assignment Main URL: or any Assignment Inner Page.. URL:

muhammad waqar-6272

Google ad word is te best way to promote your site.

I still do not understand what the main subject of the site.

You never know what the best way to promote a site without knowing what his subject.

Any site or topic has a niche.

Some site will get best resolts with "friend brings a friend" technique.
There are websites like "make easy money" they have their own niche.

Each subject has the preferred technique for him. And usually cheaper advertising on Google.

If your site is about promoting Affiliate Products, you can use the cheap solution of buying web traffic


there are blog sites where you can register for free. You can post articles on it and advertise your business. Better if you develop a website and market your business and drive traffic on it. Then you can promote it offline too like distributing postcards to qualified prospects. You have to make it personalized and attractive to capture their attention about your business. When they got interested they surely visit your homepages and inquire more about your business.

create a website
then try to promote it

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one thing i want to suggest here is submit article realted to your product, it brings you more targetted traffic, the best way of submitting articles is with the use of article distributing sites like isnare, content crooner........ your back links and SERP rank will also improve..

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