How can i promote a my website <snipped url> here is information about IIT, IIM, NIT..

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You can start out by learning to read -- many of the other threads here discuss the same question.

SEO is the best!
you have to read alot about SEO and link exchange.

you also can try google adword or buy web traffic

hey Ancient Dragon, Tomer1 ,

i appreciate ur answer i have the same question how i promote my site {snipped link} i m not good in SEO and if u r able to provide me url of the treads of daniweb

Link Building is an SEO technique on which you can promote your site. You may also try the Pay Per Click (PPC) technique on which you can promote your site through sponsored ads on the major search engine.

hey guinanie,

i can build link for free for my website

hi guinanie,

sorry bur my question is how i can build link for free for my website except , add link to signature on social site, link on friendly site ...... please tell me some other ways

goto the sites in you niche and do link exchange or buy banner s.

You can also get some seo stuffs if you search it in google. There are some sites that provides tutorial about SEO.

Post links on other related IIT,IIM sites . Do a lot of forum posting with links in your signatures . More importantly get good content .

Try to reach out to other site owners in your niche and request link exchange with them. Their visitors might find what you offer interesting and vice versa. This is how link exchange will benefit you.

You can also write good articles that are related to your business and submit them to article directories. You can get a back link there by just writing a quality article.

As well, try to submit your website links to as many quality web directories as you possibly can. To me, this has proven to be more effective than asking others for link exchange.

The more links you get pointing to your website from external links, the more your site's link popularity with search engines grows as well. Search engines assume that your site site must be offering something good for other sites to link to it. That coupled with good site content will propel you to the top of search results.

There are a lot of ways to promote your site...and a lot of thema re for free...just invest some time and some hard work. You can do some linking with other sites ofr example. You can submit your site with search engines...and other things.

you can promote your website by adding links to directories here a few good ones cooler choice and Back Links these have a high page rank which helps in google rankings, also add you comments to blogs and forums here are 2 that are ok with page rank {site name} and {site name}
read information and articles on seo {removed site name}
hope this information helps

SEO is the best!
you have to read alot about SEO and link exchange and a lot more like participating in forums and social media networks and many more....

you also can try google adword or buy web traffic .

If you want to promote your web site within the search engines, your first choice should be Aplus.Net’s eTraffic program. The eTraffic service means that Aplus.Net will manage a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, to drive potential customers to your website. PPC has become recently very popular in the eCommerce community. It is a method of advertising and it turned out to be one of the most cost effective tools for online business...hope it helped you :)

Promote your website through ethical and organic way.

there are lot of ways in promoting a website. you can create facebook/twitter accounts to attract people. you also do social bookmarking, forum posting.

I also support the use of video sections in the website. But I prefer to use this section as the second stage. First we should try to influence the customer by the impressive text and then we should invite visitors to the link. Ninety-five percent of the most popular Search Engines now use link popularity. There are no shortcuts to the process of building link popularity. You are going to have to work hard to achieve it.

I have a site for which I used twitter to get traffic. Twitter is the best way to get traffic to the website or blog

They are really very cool, very wonderful

You can build promote by social media it's very effective way

U can use all SEO method for promoting site

Just do all SEO things, because the best way to get good traffic is optimizing your site to search engines.

If you're willing to pay, buying banner ads in other website and using google adwords are effective.

If not, i think posting comments on forum and blogs or participating in yahoo answer will be very much helpful to drive more traffic. You can consider making your own videos to promote your website too if possible.

How can i promote a my website <snipped url> here is information about IIT, IIM, NIT..

If you use blog commenting for one way backlinks my advice is Fast article submiti submit one article to 30 blogs at the same time in 3 minutes, and it's free.

there are many places on the net to promote u r site ....
articles like ezine, goarticles etc
social media like youtube, metacafe etc
ppc like google yahoo etc
yahoo answers ,networks, forums, blogs,comments, there are a lot keep searching is the best place

You can do SEO and it would be a lot better if you accompany it offline marketing such as sending postcards to your prospects. There are people who don't know about your website and with those postcards you'll be able to promote your website and if they got interested they will go to your homepage.

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