Hey guys,

I am really interested to hear what you all have to say about this marketing case-study. I think there is often a real lack of concrete advice when it comes to the nuts and bolts of marketing one-time events. There is always a ton about growing traffic, SEO, etc., but what about good, old-fashioned news-worthy happenings? I think it would be really helpful to work together to come up with an event marketing checklist.

So, here is my situation...

This week TurnKey Internet (the company for which I am the Marketing Director) finalized the purchase of a great big new datacenter in New York. It's a former federal government building with 1-foot-thick cement walls so it's the perfect place to house our infrastructure. The multi-million-dollar expansion comes on the heels of record growth over the past 2 years.

I'm currently brainstorming about how to use the new acquisition marketing-wise and I'd love to enlist your help!

So far I've written a press release that got distributed (via PRWeb) yesterday morning with a nice result. The story got picked up by several tech news sites.


I also wrote a blog post about the acquisition and posted pictures of the outside and inside of the new building pre-upgrades.


Of course I've sent out notifications in all the social media outlets (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, etc.)

I've also been writing personal emails to all of my press contacts online and off, including all of the local newspapers. So far we've gotten one interview for an article in our local Business Review.

So, now, here I am, posting to you guys. What should I do next? Have I covered all of my bases? If this was your project to market and promote, how would you go about doing it? I think it would be so great if we could work together to build that checklist I mentioned, to help good little marketers like me It can feel overwhelming to tackle a project promotion without one!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Well my first question would be ....why does it matter to your customers or prospective customers that you got a new building? does it make them any happier? if so, why? will it improve your service to them? will it help them in any way? will buying a new building increase the costs for your services or lower them? I always think when a company buys a new building they're going to raise their rates :)

I think you have many interesting newsworthy articles on your blog which you should promote that are more customer centric.

The new datacenter will mean a lot of things to our customers. First of all, owning your datacenter as a hosting company is always a big deal. It means you have 100% control over your infrastructure, and most hosting companies lease or outsource their hardware. This sets us apart. It instills a lot more confidence in customers who know the industry and raises us to a higher tier of host. Second, we will be running much more efficiently and will be able to pass that savings along to our customers. Third, the fact that this is a former federal government building with 1-foot-thick concrete walls means our infrastructure will be secured to federal government standards. That matters to everyone who cares about the security of their data and is especially important to people who use our colocation services. Fourth, a growing company is a strong company and we have shown record growth despite the global recession. This expansion reinforces that fact and shows our customers we're going to be around, doing business, for a long time to come.

And my question remains, have I missed any avenues for promotion? Have I not been clear enough about the benefits this new building will have for our clientele? If not, what can I do to better market this project?

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