Dear fellows hi!
I am here to market my website {snipped link}. Can any body please guide me how to promote and market my website? I shall b great full to you. Thank you.


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Hi Katkaif - welcome to DaniWeb! Is there something specific you need help with when it comes to marketing your website?

Well, there's many ways you can do that. Some of them include:viral marketing (tell people about it), advertising on various media (magazines, newspapers, radio, TV...), Internet marketing (paying for search engine ads, search engine optimization, social networking, article submissions, blogging ...), let's see ... there's posting flyers all over town, tatooing your URL on your body, streaking across the basketball court with your www painted on your butt ... ok ... I'll go away now.

It is important to remember that nothing is instantaneous and it takes time and effort to promote a site and drive traffic. Even with a big budget, it isn't always easy.

1) PPC can be a good, reasonably fast driver but it costs money, especially if you are in a competitive niche.
2) Submit to search engines - all of them, not just the majors.
3) Get links to your site from others - backlinks
4) Post on blogs and forums - make sure you post informative and useful replies, not hard sell or "nice post" type comments
5) Write high quality unique content and promote it widely - ezine article marketing etc
6) Set up a mailing list
7) Do a joint venture with someone with a high traffic site
8) Give away freebies, discounts, coupons etc
9) Create youtube video, add photos to flickr
10) Get social - join groups on facebook, set up a twitter feed, create a network on Linked in etc

There are many ways to promote your website.The most popular I think is Google AdWords.In this case you can choose in which sites to display your ads and you can set your budget as you like.The other method is SEO but a lot of hard work is needed to gain popularity of your product.

Promote your website- Constantly promote your website and put your web address everywhere. To ensure a steady stream of visitors, it is recommended to promote the site through multiple channels.
Have a long-term plan- An effective website is achieved through consistent effort. Create goals and regularly check your progress.

Regular updates- Website content should be fresh and interesting. New information should be added regularly and update the existing ones. Check regularly for broken links and other errors.

Promoting your website takes considerable amount of time and energy. You need to identify places which are most frequently visited by your customers. If your business is online based then you must consider search engine optimization, article promotion, ppc, adwords, adsense etc etc.

Just do all SEO things, because the best way to get good traffic is optimizing your site to search engines.

Page Titles:

Make sure you title each page within your site according to each page's particular content. The words between the <title> and </title> tags in the page's HTML code not only appear at the top of your browser window, but provide essential information to search engine spiders.

META Tags:

Though hidden, search engine spiders value these tidbits of code. Because of this, your META tags should be carefully crafted. For example, make sure that keywords used in a <META name="keywords"> tag reflect the page's actual content. Yet, if a page's content overuses keywords, your site can be penalized with a lower ranking.

It can be done through various of ways and first thing to do is to enhance SEO so that your website can instantly be viewed by most of these interested readers under your specific niche such as link building, article submissions, blogging through consistent updates, link exhange (wherein you have to place other's links to your contents just to let them know that their articles are relevant enough for your website, making them also do that in return), forum posting and social bookmarking. These are the basic points to make your website search engine friendly yet you don't have to set too much keywords to be crawled by the engines. Remember that you should limit your keywords to your contents to prevent ruining the idea because content will always be the king in helping your online business to pursue. :)

Hope this helps.

If you want to have more idea on management, you can also see MassOutsource (dot) com/Report which include tips from the experts.

Be yourself and do this :

# Exchange links with other bloggers
# Use BlogRush
# Submit to RSS directories
# Submit to blog directories
# Submit to general directories
# Start a 2nd blog and link to yourself
# Create and give away blog themes (with a link to your blog in the footer)
# Create free plugins
# Create link bait
# Participate in blog carnivals
# Comment on DoFollow blogs
# Join communities at MyBlogLog
# Join communities at Bumpzee
# Join communities at Blog Catalog
# Start a community at any of these sites
# Comment on other blogs in your niche
# Email your friends and contacts about a new blog post that may interest them
# Email your readers to say “thank you”
# Email other bloggers to introduce yourself
# Link out to other blogs

Optimize your site for SEO benefits. Target few searched keywords first, use longtail keywords for optimization, also optimize ur design. When you have some good reputation look for high volume keywords. Write articles and press release, they can make ur site spread wide.

The best way to promote your website is to higher someone to optimize your website if you do not really know how to do it. It is because SEO is a time consuming job and requires a good knowledge on where to submit and what to submit.

Mainly all SEO Consultants follow same stratagies as:

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Web Directory Submittion
  • Article Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Creating PPC Campaign
  • Building Mailing Lists
  • Sending Weekly News Letters

Although there are plenty of search engine optimization companies, it's very hard to find a reliable and an affordable search engine optimization company. You should of course notice their success records. Also, most of the companies provide a free SEO analysis of your website.

After looking at all these factors you can easily decide whom to hire to promote your website.

we can promote our site using SEO ways, some methods are given below
Create a Site Map,backlink methods,Submit Your Site to Key Directories and Issue News Releases etc

There is many way to promote website but using seo method it would be effected

HI for promoting your website in a specific area best option is print media like you can spread flyers brochures can use business cards for and many other things as for as online marketing SEO and social media practices can work for you.

On page and off page SEO techniques will help you to get good traffic also helpful in gaining reasonable PR

You can promote your website in many ways like pay per click, cost per impression, article submission, blogs etc. there are many techniques. But it could difficult to find best search engines for promoting business. Here are some sites which may be benificial for you. These are the best sites for e-commerce.

It could definitely increase traffic to your sites.

If you have the money, perhaps consider PPC.

Yes you have to get backlinks to them

Dear fellows hi!
I am here to market my website {snipped link}. Can any body please guide me how to promote and market my website? I shall b great full to you. Thank you.


You may have tried several internet marketing strategies, and it would be better if you accompany it with offline promotion such as sending postcards to people. In the postcard, you have to print your website url of course and also include a message that briefly describes your niche market. If you get their attention with those postcards, they will surely visit your site.

There are many options through which you can promote your website. these may be online or offline. But I think Online marketing is best for you. For this try to get back links from other sites through forums, blogs, directories, article marketing and press releases . Also don't forget using Social media for your promotion. These things helps you in 3 ways
1) Increase referral traffic
2) Appearing in SERP
3) can get direct traffic.

About everyone gave good answers! Social network, social bookmarking, forum and blog commenting with anchor text and url's.
Directory submissions, article submission and article blog posts. Traffic exchange and solo ads - email marketing. Also be sure to work on your page internal SEO and adding quality content.

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