Here at TechTalk, seems we're going through different styles and overhauls like water. I just can't seem to find one I'm happy with!

The last 3d grey one was very flashy and very stylish ... but a bit too cluttered for my taste. Plus, it sorta did resemble a warez site! :shock:

I'm trying for a more professional look here. Who knows whether it'll last, but I'm definitely happy with it so far! Yes, I know it's bland ... but not for long. Eventually wanna add a bit of flash animation to it. Maybe spice it up a bit.

look good! do miss the 3d look!

This is the format leave it lol I like it but it's easy and I can see new posting easy. I love it keep it, but if you dont want to I understand :( lol

It's a very clean design. Looks more professional too. Most IT professional message boards aren't so artistic. This is probably because they're IT professionals and not designers.

The more professional look is what I was aiming for. However, in the process I think I might've turned the site a bit stale and boring. I'm trying to spruce it up with a few touches of flash. Any ideas?

I put my two cents in I agree this is the best format seriously keep it touch it up if you wish but this is perfect for me.

Another reason why other professional web sites look stale is because the creators worry more about the content (hot and interesting topics) than the design. Which I can understand. I go to forums for information, not for what the site looks like. Already, this design is better than 90% of the forums I visit for technical information.

I like all the looks that last one really stuck out but was too many topics I like this one for information keep it simple and looks good the colors go good on the eyes.

But Dani most of your fourms looked great I really like them all but like this one because of the ease of it.

I agree with Jimmy.

Two months and this will be different.

I'll put $5.00 on it. Anyone wanna join the pot?

Just for Dan ... ;)

The 3D look is now optional. If you're a member, you can go into your profile and switch from the 3d look to the flat look.

Just a note ... the same html templates are being used for both. The ONLY thing that changes is the .css file that you're using.

Hmm, so it lasted what.. nine months? I guess I owe you 5 big ones Dani ;-)!

Btw, do we get a 3D style for this? ;-)

Even so, this is a forum upgrade. Not a new style ;)

I love it. Looks very professional :)

Btw, do we get a 3D style for this? ;-)

When I switched from phpBB to vBulletin, although I provided a 3d look for both, the vB 3d look didn't look so great in my eyes. Would you use it?

I dig this style :)

Awesome style, definitely :D

Its a BB, I dont think the style matters as long as the content can keep the members........taste satisfied. Look at all the boards that have been around since 2001 plus they really havent changed the flat look at all. They do just fine. But personaly, I think it will change in no time just a guess.

I agree, content is more important than style. However, I was having a convo w/ inscissor over this awhile back. And we came to the conclusion that none of the really techie sites are very pretty (i.e. slashdot). If you want to attract hardcore techies and nerds, make the site ugly. If you make the site all pretty, you'll attract more computer newbies and a younger crowd. What do you think?

"If you want to attract hardcore techies and nerds, make the site ugly. If you make the site all pretty, you'll attract more computer newbies and a younger crowd."

I don't know if I can agree with that or not. After all I'm here and I figure myself to be somewhere in between the newby and total nerd stage... I know just enough to not delete my system directory because I think it's taking up exess hard drive space, but I'm not ready to hand code a site... (I have played with some web editing software a bit)

I suppose if the site were all flash (not macromedia) and no substance you would be right. Problem is there is way too many highly inteligent people hanging around for that to be the case. And yet, I don't consider the place to be ugly by any means. The only improvment I could possably suggest is a spell checker for people like me who can't speel to sav my lyfe.

(I know.... WHAT LIFE!!!)

slashdot also have LOADS of content though too...

Is the arrow to the last post as new as I think it is? (Very nice touch Dani)