Hi All,
Can any one give me a run down of scsi disks and cards. i'm looking into geting a few second hand servers from auction sites. i'm going to be using them for storage mainly. film, music and programs.

how many disks can be connected to one channal

what are the diffrences between wide, fast, ultra, etc, etc.

which are the easyest to get hold of second hand

onboard or pci scsi

as i'm not looking for new stuff, any info on the types of cards and disks that would usualy come with pII, pIII servers would be great.

many thanks



unless ur planing on changing ur mobo keep what u have (on board or pci)
personally ive used both & prefer a pci card (so long as expanablility is adequately provided for; otherwise go for onboard ) to make it easier to upgrade

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