How do I post a question for problems I am having with my computer?

go to the subfourm that best suites your needs ,and creat new post ,topic should include part of proble ,like "IE not loading " or what ever ,then explain you problem .

How do I post a question for problems I am having with my computer?

If you mean, physically post, then just follow what you did by posting here heh :D

Just make sure you post in the correct forum, but if you posted in wrong forum, a moderator will just move it :)

Gary, SAC originally posted his question as a reply to some other thread. I split it off and moved it to this forum.

SAC instead of clicking post reply while viewing a thread, click new post while viewing a forum.

And you can't post a new thread when viewing another thread :)

how can i post my questions regarding project development

is it a programming problem? Yes, then what language ? First, go here and select the language of your choice. Let's say you want c++. When you click the c++ link you will see this page. See the yellow button near the top called Start New Thread? Just click it and fill in the blanks.

If you have just a general question that doesn't include any specific programming language then select Computer Science And Software Design on the same page as the c++ link I mentioned previously.


I am new to this forum. My apologies for posting my question on other person's thread since I donot know where is the " create new post". All I see is "Post reply to this thread". please help me know How do I post?

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Go to the top of the page where menu bar is mouse over section you wish to be in pick forum in drop down go there now scroll to bottom of page at left corner of post listings is the start new thread button. stoopid place ain't it? Later---

commented: Stoopid place indeed.. +0