How do you delete/edit posts here on daniweb?



There are tools available to the moderators and super mods to manage the postings. We have various policies on WHY a post should be managed, but to answer your question in an efficient manner, we have a little menu that we work with to do what we need to do.


Basically, we do not allow members to delete their own posts.

why? what if a member realises he made a mistake in the post?

Ok, but to be blunt, i find that totally ridiculous :lol: lol

I often find myself forgetting to mention things in posts, and surely it is better to edit than to double post?


After a post has been made, the poster has 15 minutes to edit / correct their post to fix typos, errors, etc.

I see.. I suppose thats reasonable :)

Cheers cscgal!