ok, i have this poroblem I have some video type of file on my destop and i cant get rid off it.I cant delete,rename,or put into a folder,when I do I get the following message: cannot delete file:the filename you specified is invalid or too long specify a different filename.

Soo if anyone knows what to do..plz help me :)

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Open up a command prompt window. This is performed by typing "command" at the run box on the start menu.

From the black box that pops up, navigate to your Desktop directory...try "cd C:\windows\desktop" only without the quotes.

Then type "dir", again without the quotes. Look for the filename that you're trying to delete. If say, the filename is "movie3 .mpg" on your desktop, then it's likely there is a "special" character after the 3.

There may be an extended ASCII character in the files name. Windows doesn't know how to interpret that, so it basically gives up when you try to delete it. It just doesn't understand it.

It made for some interesting fun years ago...heh. Drove people completely nuts!

Anyway, lemme know what the dir command shows for that particular file. :)


or you could try booting into safe mode ,and deleting it that way ,hit f8 on bootup to go into safe mode .


ya i tried safe mode and it wont delete i also tried to rename the file in DOS and it wont rename cause the file name is hella long and there isint enought room to write.


ookay feigned,
i did what us aid and this whole list poped up and the files on there but how do i delete it after that??? :(


you need to type, DEL with a space between DEL and C:\ . then the path and file name ,something like
Del c:\windows\desktop\getthehelloffmycomputer.off


  • Start > Run command
  • Run the CD command till you get to the folder that has this file.
  • Do dir
  • Note the short file name for it
  • Then use the DEL command on the short file name.

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or Boot up to DOS and delete it from there

  • To delete a file from the DOS prompt (command line) you use the command:
  • del filename <Enter>
  • File names can be entered using wild cards (* and ?) where the star (*) is any string and the ? is any single character. Deleting a file called "mypictureofthegreenmoster.jpg could be done by entering:
  • del mypic*.* <Enter>
  • which will delete ALL files beginning with "mypic". This is sometimes helpful if there is a problem with a filename that has acquired weird characters in its name.

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(fool proof method)

What is the name of the file that the mpeg is saved? Where is it located? If you provide that information, we(Tech Talk Community) can provide you the path to deleting it in

Is the file in the C:\Windows directory? If it is the command is


Is the file named somthing nasty hmmmmmmmmm.............did you get it off of a file sharing program such as

  • morpheius
  • ect..

I wont laugh promise lol...lol...lol...lol


o yea i did but it was WinMX and yes..its pretty nasty 2!:( but when i was downloading it..it was named sumtin different, then...after it downloaded it turned out to be sum shit


ya..i did..it dint work...the whole file name dont fit. its too long!!!!!! none of that works!!!


and which one do i download?!!! i asked cause i downloaded a couple of those and they dint help




You want to learn how to make a BATCH File from yours truly BIG"B" I wrote this one just for people like you its called THE SOUTH PAW SPECIAL


uh..okay...but lets say it dont work!?
membr..i cant more, rename or delete file!!!

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