We've got some more changes at TechTalk. We now have a links section (just click the link at the top navigation bar). It's the same one we used to have ... but Bob convinced me to re-add it ;) Maybe its second life will be more promising than its first was. ;)

Also... we have a new forum in the Programming category: Computer Science! Keep a look out for some new posts coming soon ... I need a bit of help with an Operating Systems course I'm taking ;)

Cripes! There's a lot of links in there already. I'm sure this section will prove to be useful.

Yeap! And a lot are still coming very shortly! Huge, enormous kudos go out to inscissor for supplying nearly all of them, as well as for helping me insert them into the database for the majority of today.

to add to that thought ... as I mentioned, we used to use the same links script awhile ago. But no one used it so I just took it away. I think that where I went wrong was there were only about 20 or so links, and I was hoping members would add more of their own, but no one ever did.

This time, I'm going to start off as a good resource for people to go for links. Then, maybe, hopefully, they'll add their own to the listing.

Don't want it too full though... Maybe a random selection of them could be displayed on the main page?

Well ... the associates links on our homepage are pulled out of the associates links category. Therefore, the benefit of linking back to us is that you get to be displayed on the homepage ;)

See www.daniweb.com/techlinks/ for details of that