Hello, I have a Problem with my computer in my processes the Svchost is taking up 50% or more of my cpu usage. My system idle is usually at around 90-99 % like normal computers ( i have windows XP home ) and it is at 90-99 percent now too but every 5 seconds or so it changes for like 1 second and system idle goes down to aroudn 20-0 and svchost takes up more then 50% . if i run a Task like a Online game or somthing along those line the SVCHOST will stay at 100% and maybe go down once In a While but come right upto 100% after 1 or 2 seconds it is completely lagging the game or even internet task i am doing. and this is annoying me so much. if i end svchost it says " REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL " ( RPC ) and my copmputer gets a 60 second timer when it reaches to 0 it shuts down and restarts. This sucks please somone help me.

sorry if i am beign rude but that has nothign to do with what i was talking about at all. if i have ben mistakign please tell me this is really annoying me

Have you searched for viruses?
How many services do you have running in your task manager?

i have no virusus and i am running normal amount not too many tasks

How many I need a number

around 20-30 if u need a exact number il tell u how many i have running from startup?

Im telling you you have The blaster worm !!!!!!!!!

well tell me how to get rid of the "blaster worm plz" lol

let me note that when the svchost is taking up cpu usage the system is taking up some also liek aroudn 30 as the svchost is takign up around like 70 and it changes through out i think i mgiht gave the blaster worm

I do not have the blaster worm i just ran the systematic blaster worm fix and it did not detect that oi have the virus on my computer, i notice that this svchost program is giving alot of problems to people. all i want is to get my computer running how it was its so annoying every five secopnds whiel playing a onlien game it lags up and then my computer restarts because of the stupid ephing remote procedure call ( RPC ) not onyl whiel playling a online game sall the time pleeassse heeelp mee

Check the website i posted in post #7 and Read about svchosts ,see if you can figure out what program is releated to the Svchost causing your proplems .
also run some spyware programs to clean up your computer .

um the task lsit thign doesn t work it sucks i haven o idea what a spywear is

Can you please tell me what those links you sent me in the post above do? i dont wanan download somthing i dont know about

the one aobut the 4 links u sent me afflect b

They are Spyware removal programs ,everyone should be using them now with the spyware that is install on our computers from sites we surf and programs like kazaa and other shareware programs install when we put them on our computers .

Can you please tell me what those links you sent me in the post above do? i dont wanan download somthing i dont know about

Dont worry about the links & the software I use them all .
And as for you saying "i dont wanna download somthing i dont know about"
well you already have in the form of spyware and adware and backaware that you get from the average websites.

I have DL'ed the rv anti virus thing u gave me the link to. and when i runnorton it shuts norton down. whe i say shutdown when i run norton the program just shuts off the screen and norton anti virus doesnt work. so im installing the link u gave me anti virsu rv link u gave me in previous post and i noticed it also has shut off exact same thing norton does . maybe is there a virus on my computer that shuts down all virus protection so i cant fix the problem.??

Hey that is a virus doing that!!! Take a look at danieweb.com at the top of you page here and hit the >>>>NEED HELP<<<<< most popular thread Trojans will sometime shut off you anti-virus protection fist download the firewall I gave you.
Then download or run the avg software on a root/adminastrator account. Are you running win XP?

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