I have a problem with carriage return when typing in text.
Every time I hit <enter> the window loses focus instead of the cursor moving to a new line.
This is happening as I type in this message, and it is really inconvenient.
This is probably caused by a virus I recently detected on my PC (Thunker-Proxy or something).
One of the problems the virus introduced was that I lost the "General" tab from the Tools -> Internet Options dialog. I fixed this by changing the registry as described on one of your TechTalk replies. So I assume I will need a similar fix for this problem.
N.B. The CR does add a new line, but as I say the window immediately loses focus.
Any advice you can give will be gratefully received....

Sorry, forgot to say I'm using XP.

After much investigation, I have discovered the following :-

(1) It only happens when I hit RETURN in an Internet Explorer (IE6) window.

(2) If I ALT-TAB after pressing RETURN, I can see a new Explorer window in the ALT_TAB window only, NOT visible anywhere else. This new "invisible" pop-up is http://3d-images.org

Looks like some kind of scumware/spyware/adware (?)

I have run SpyBot Search & Destroy and all other free utilities I could find, but I still cannot find a fix.

Any ideas?...............Martin

Adaware or any programs like that haven't detected anything? You sure you got rid of every last bit of your virus?

Since this is only related to Internet Explorer I'm going to move the thread to the IE forum.

OK Thanks.

I agree, I've probably still got a wee bit of the virus that I have not been able to clear.

I have run SpyBot and AdAware, but to no effect.

Another unsuccessful attempt to fix the problem......

I found the following website explaining how to install the IES upgrade onto XP machines :- http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_oe.htm#xp_ie_reinstall

However, this has not fixed the problem. I still get an "invisible" pop-up to 3d-images.org every time I hit RETURN in an IE window.

could you screen the popup for us?

hit prnt screen
and then go into paint or some other graphics editing program and hit ctrl and v and it should dump your screen there. save it as a jpg if possible and attach it here on the forums

the link should be working now.
If not, just go to http://forums.spywareinfo.com/ , hit the "Search" magnifying glass, and in the "Filter by member name" field type "micc".