Please help me!! I'm so frustrated. I know I have been a bit absent from techtalk lately but I've been super ultra busy ... one of my latest endeavors is working with Linux.

I have a Red Hat 7.3 system set up right now which works perfectly except for one thing (which just started happening out of no where, don't know how or why).

Everytime I go into XWindows and try to run "neat" (a graphical proggie for configuring a network), the window appears, freezes, and takes down all of linux networking with it! The same exact thing happens when I run redhat-config-network (which appears to be the same program?)

Any advice would be ultra helpful!

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I just looked it up ...

redhat-network-config = NEtwork Admin Tool for RedHat Linux

My problem now is figuring out whether my network config files are screwed up and this NEAT program is having a problem reading/interpreting them ... or whether the NEAT program is corrupted itself, etc ...

Any ideas? I can't see what's going on in the background when I run NEAT b/c the sec I do, it freezes on me.


I've narrowed it down to this ...

NEAT is installed as an RPM. When I verify the package files, there are 60 discrepencies/errors. I uninstall the package, I reinstall the package. All is now good.

The sec I run the program though, it crashes! And then I go and verify the files again, and those 60 errors come back.

Also... once I get this problem, the only way to get out is to hard reboot. The system becomes unresponsive ... not even Ctrl+Alt+Del works!


LOL! well i've heard it said many times, if you ever want to have an intelligent conversation, talk to yourself! :D glad to see that you get that all cleared up!


hehe thanx aeinstein ...
yup, talking to myself looks like the best way to go!
(although reformatting really sucks ... it was actually over this "neat" thing that I reformatted and unfortunately got VMWare's network to stop working)


Goodness gracious! Now I was able to get VMWare to work the right way (the networking works) but I started having this NEAT problem over again! I assume it's a problem with VMWare and Redhat's network configuration? Argh. Anyone with any ideas?


Nope ........ that's not it. Having this problem without VMWare even installed !! Must be something else causing it ... it started happening right after I ran up2date (RedHat's .rpm upgrade utility to upgrade already installed packages to newer versions)

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