Anyone care to take a stab at a problen I'm having with either my monitor or video card? (OK, maybe driver, but with some testing I think I've eliminated them) My monitor is showing random pixels/dots all over the screen. My text appears broken up because the color of the "dots" make them look incomplete. If the window/web page is floating, and if I grab it and move it over the desktop, the dots/pixels stay connected to exactly where the problem 1st appeared. I can minimize this woindow, or any, and they will reappear in a different spot. Even the blinking cursor acuires them while I'm sitting here typing, and I watch them flash on and off. Totally weird!! The only other clue to the problem is that the past 2 days, I've had trouble with my monitor flashing on and off at about 3 second intervals. This went away when I uninstalled the current nVidia driver, and I'm now using 40.72 (Nov 02 WHQL yada yada) At least so far it hasn't come back. I've reseated my video card, checked my cables for interference, all to no avail. I'm pretty sure I don't have a heat problem, as I clean like a demon, and am using a server case with plenty of fans. All above trouble started just recently( last month or so) I have made no changes to my system at all recently. The only time I get NO trouble is if I use native XP drivers for my monitor and card? Any ideas???

Win XP home
Asus A7V8X 333fsb
AMD 2500 Barton
Asus V9280 Ti4200 128
Crucial PC 2700 512 mb
NEC FE791sb (various freq tried)

I have seen this problem before, and my opinion is that it is the video card. The memory on the card is starting to go bad.

Your condition, dj, is due to improperly installed/removed video drivers. <duck>

Go to Guru3 and use one of the removal tools after you have removed the drivers in Add/Remove Programs. I usually download the new drivers (do not install yet) before rebooting. Don't install by using "New Hardware Found..." Please read all of the Readme information.

If you want to do this easily, consider the following. Right now, Windows Update is providing nVidia drivers and they work well. Just remove your drivers, use one of the removal programs (tools) at the link above, reboot, and go to Windows Update. You will be happy.

The latest drivers do not always provide the fastest video. Get a baseline at PC Pitstop for comparisons in the future.