I'm just curious if there is any easy way for the folks behind the scenes of DaniWeb to possibly implement some sort of big flashing sign that takes up an entire screen and plays a siren while activating the (on compatible hardware) sense feedback (vibrate) on the user's mouse.

This sign would be used when someone chooses the Code Snippet option at the time of creating a new post. Preferably the sign would have large, difficult to misinterpret, instructions as to what constitutes a code snippet versus a standard discussion thread.

I only ask because... well... in the past few days I've seen more and more 'how do I fix my code' type questions being posted as code snippets instead of discussion topics.

And have a hand extend out of the monitor and slap him silly. I've seen an avatar something like that but don't remember whose it was.

Well, all I know is I'm starting to feel like Narue's avatar these days... and my head can't take much more :twisted:

I don't think it's a matter of a greater percentage of people screwing up as much as it is just more posts being made in general. However, I can definitely understand the frustration.

I went ahead and made it so that members must have either a reputation of at least 15(meaning they received at least one positive rep from a non-newbie) *OR* they have at least 5 posts and have also been a member for at least 5 days before they can contribute code snippets. This is also the threshold to tag threads with never-before-used tags (as opposed to ones already in the system).

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Works for me :) Might at least curb the ones I've noticed (as they tend to be from 1-2 post newbies generally).