This is a very nice looking setup, I must say that everything blends in so good. The smilies are clean not like the default ones you get with forum. I was wondering how did you make your sub-forums display in such a manner


. I was playing with my display option and never got it to set sub-forums like you have? I was reading Jake's tips on simular setup but that I think is for forumhome page.

I see that you did not go the with CMP's and just made your own front page. I will go that way in a few months.

Webmaster Marketplace??? what is that I wonder. :D

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That can be done by editing the forumhome_subforumseparator_post and forumhome_subforumseparator_nopost templates, and replacing a comma with a <br />

Then, in the vB options, choose to show subforums on the forum display templates.


Thanks for the information on this simply tute of yours. :) Now I have to make it only show on title page instead of forum home. Thxs again.

You know alot on site creation, maybe something on how to's in vB and site setup for different kinds of forums, or sell templates that connect with vB. This is very well made setup and hope to see more sites done this way. Bye for now.

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