Did someone reset the down votes for bad membmers ?:D If not .. i'd like to thank whoever got me rid of all those -33 down votes received since i've been a member here.Otherwise if it's a mistake maybe i should get them back since it helped me remind myself of how many times i i've been wrong.Realizing the bad things about yourself helps you fill in the gaps .. or so i think.

Huh? No? You've received over 50 down votes according to your member profile :(

I'm such a bad person .. :-<

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I'm such a bad person .. :-<

Votes are a pretty subjective thing. You're more likely to get frivolous votes because they're anonymous (haters like this) and don't apply toward reputation (people with strong negative power tend to like this). I doubt anyone thinks you're a bad person because you have more negative votes than positive, though it could be an indicator that you're doing things that aren't approved of.

One example, since you post a lot in the C++ forum, is giving away answers and complete solutions. A lot of us work very hard to teach in a way that forces the student to think and put in a certain measure of effort. Giving away full code and/or the answer to a question makes that effort a waste, and also gives Daniweb the appearance of being a cheater's haven.

Looking at some of your currently negative posts, that seems to be why a number of them were voted down. I suspect that by watching regulars with a high positive rating and following their teaching example, you'd likely have better results yourself.

I still don't know how i got rid of those -40 (correcting myself).

Who cares? If you really want your -40 back I'm sure we can down vote all your posts in this thread to get you back there if you really want us to.... :icon_rolleyes:

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Just say the word and I'll gladly go to c++ forums and make sure your rep drops to -10000 too :)

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I .. no thanks :D.I still stick to the fact that learning from code is far better than getting hints with a superior tone and a cold breath and that not cheating yourself is not for one to stuff into your head , being solely about yourself wanting to learn things...Anyway thanks for your replies knowing you'll all down vote this last post :)

As long as you understand that posting complete homework solutions hurts Daniweb as a whole because it gives us the appearance of helping cheaters cheat. It's possible to provide code without posting a solution to the whole assignment.

I still stick to the fact that learning from code is far better than getting hints...

That's fine. You can post code, just don't post complete answers.

Example: "I need to write a Fibonacci series" and they post whacked out code. Don't write a fibbo series for them, write something else that illustrates the solution to their code errors -- like adding even numbers. They can then learn from your code and fix their fibbo code with the ideas you post.

The best way to help someone who's got a bug in their code is to show them how to look at their own code and see the error.
Showing them error-free code allows them to skip the step of finding it, and that aha! moment is what brings the real understanding.

Showing someone a case that illustrates an error is much more helpful than simply fixing the code to account for that case, because it forces them to understand what the problem is and what sort of solution is required.

So the best help, in my view, is to simply gesture in the direction of an error. This is not a "superior tone and a cold breath", it's the way to ensure that they get through the beginner phase as fast as possible.

Your way (Caut Baia) ensures that they'll be stuck on simple problems for far too long.

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My way over your way is just a set of differences.This applies when a working solution is put in contrast with a non working one.The result is usually the erroneous part of the problem so whether you pinpoint it or you give hints about it's just a matter of how well someone comprehends.I totally don't agree with a specific user's idea of helping though i admit i was wrong many times by providing full code as it seems to tempt people to skip the solving part.In the end i'm free to have my opinion just as you are free to have yours.I personally learn better by reading code so you can't wall me for this.

I got down voted like 8 times because I prefer DirectX over OpenGL. It was kinda funny. They told me to prove that DirectX is better then OpenGL and I spend about an hour writing why and 2 more people down voted me for that too :( Now I keep my mouth shut about that kind of stuff :) Now I try to post only useful things on the forum and spend more time on each post so it will make sense.

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I get down votes all the time, I think it's either because people are jealous of my superiority, and intelligence. Or It's because I'm so god dam good looking... I guess I will never know :'(

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Yep, we get down voted definitely because we are so sexy! They are just jealous of my awesome garbageman hat! :p

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We should definitely form some sort of faction ;))

I want to be on top in the fraction.

Division by zero is not supported yet .. sorry

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