we had an issue earlier in the week with one of the web servers not working. I wonder if you're randomly hitting a bad web server. I'll reach out to James in a little bit.

Jump links appear to be not working again. This works but this times out. Other jump links are not working as well.

Both work perfectly fine for me, and I can't reproduce this at all. Not only that, but no code changes to anything related to them.

They are also working for me now. You mentioned a possible problem with a server. Do your logs show which server handles a request?

Our server issues only lasted 2 days and were fixed last week. We had a problem with one of our web servers. Requests are served round robin (meaning that the same page can work fine one moment and time out when trying to access it a few minutes later). Of course, we wouldn't be able to log individual requests because there are millions a day and we simply don't have anywhere remotely close to the amount of resources (cpu power, hard drive space, etc) to log so many gigabytes worth of log files daily.

I've switched to Chrome for accessing daniweb and I had a problem just like I had under Firefox. I posted in this thread and it got stuck in limbo. I've reload the page three times and tried reposting but it just won't go through. Screen shot attached.


I tried again using IE and I was able to post. Just not with Chrome (no plugins).

This seems like it's most likely releated to your poor internet connection.

Let's just leave it at that then until later this month.

I am not getting the "Show Comments" dropdown at the moment. Opera and IE. The javascript call returns a 500. See attached image.

Sorry, some changes that James made accidentally got pushed to production before I had a chance to review them. Unfortunately, they caused the inability to do anything related to voting. I've reverted the changes and I'll look into them later today/tomorrow.