Hi guys,the noob again :)

I think this tutorial section would be great and help a lot of people out.Off the top of my head here's some I could write-

1.Raid,what is it,how do I set it up and why does it need a floppy disk?

2.Windows Xp Recovery console(including the repair function)

3.Tweaking windows Xp(registry cleaner,Tweak UI.,pagedefrag, autoload and lock)

4.Marketing Vs. Fact - why you're 140gb HD shows up as 136 gb,how much Ram does a 4gb system actually have available,why it's better to go for the 128mb pcix over the 512mb AGP etc.

5.The nuclear option-how to install Raid with no onboard floppy using ATA33 compatability mode

There's many more I can write and each day I work I can probably put together a new one just based on what comes down the phones.

Look at Tech Talk -> Hardware.

If you want, to can just post a nice tutorial in the hardware section, and I can sticky it.

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Ok should I mail it to you first or just post and see?Raid will be ready by this time tomorrow night

Just post it in there, and PM when its ready with a link. :)

I don't think it would add much to the site.

By the way: you're the first person I see that posts 84 messages in his first 3 days on daniweb :eek:

Regards Niek

I think it's an awesome thing :)

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :)

I think it's an awesome thing :)

Yeah Miss Dani has already asked her Web site graphics designer to make a new badge for you which reads "SPAMMER". (joking)

Noooooooooo :)

1st. Oriented to manufacturing, upgrading and repairing the own PC.

2nd. ... others´PCs

3rd. (About OS) Only the drivers and peripherals themes.

My poll is different...but i know no one agree for it. Its the 'File Information' Forum in which Clients get info about the various files and its backgrounds.

And also Homepage encryption is needed for Account Password theft protection..