Let me tell you what it looks like to me.

The top line of the watermark reads:

"Please wrap code in code-blocks"

If I type the first line of my post as:

"The kind of code you need is:"

What I see when I look at it again after I type is:

TPhleekansde ofwcrooadpe ycooudneeeidnis:

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I have more info now.

I im in a lull where I don't need the software that fights IE over some computer settings, so I looked at the posting window with IE.

The watermark is lighter on IE than on Mozilla.

Unfortunately, I do have to use the software that IE messes up often, so I must use Mozilla.


Now I am having problems with it again.

Someone gave me the solution of using the other editor, which didn't display the text. But now both editors display it. ZXNRBL!!!

I DO use the code tags. Give me a way to remove the watermark!


I don't understand what you're talking about - both editors have always had the watermark. Nothing's changed.


It didn't show up on Firefox in the WYSIWYG editor until recently.

I still want it gone.


No, removed.

I can't access a government site i must access with the adblocker in place.

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