I created a game in the geeks lounge (word scramble) and would like a mod to change the rules for me, as the game take quite a long time...

taking out the part that says they must wait for a confirmation from the person who scrambled the word.

and adding something to the effect of, if you can make any word out of the letters (even if it's not the intended word) it is your turn.

hopefully that will speed up the game.
Thanks!! :D

This is actually one of the reasons why we don't allow members to edit their post after a particular time period. Threads are discussions which many people participate in, and when you go back and rephrase yourself, it affects the people who posted after you.

There have only been a couple of posts to the thread so far. Go ahead and post that you think that the rules should be changed. To be honest though, it seems to be going good to me ... doesn't look like the confirmations is slowing things down at all.

alright, I'll just let it sit for a while... thanks!