The 'Mark this forum read' link present in the 'Forum Tools' drop down menu on each page doesn't work for me i.e. is non-clickable. On viewing the source code I came across this:

<tr><td class="thead">Forum Tools<a name="goto_forumtools"></a></td></tr> <tr><td style="cursor: default;" class="vbmenu_option vbmenu_option_alink"><a href="newthread.php?do=newthread&amp;f=29">Post a New Thread</a></td></tr> <tr><td style="cursor: default;" class="vbmenu_option vbmenu_option_alink"><span>Mark This Forum Read</span></td></tr>

As you can see, there is no anchor tag nested inside the 'td' of 'Mark this forum as read' as there is for other options.

Just wanted to let you know. :-)

I know, but since this is a problem with the functioning of the site, Dani would be interested in knowing this. :-)

Crazily enough, the Mark Forums Read link in addition to a couple of other things on the site got broken because of my fix to have the Color and Smilie dropdown appear correctly in the editor.

Because more things got broken than got fixed, I've reverted the JavaScript file so the editor popups are broken again.

HOWEVER, the new version of vBulletin is coming out later this week, and I plan on upgrading over the weekend, so hopefully a lot of these little quirks will be fixed.

Will the 'thread tools' also be modified so that unsubscribe/subscribe functions work?

It works now?