hey all, I'm currently working on a new web design for my store and I've hit a bit of a snag....

I've set up a secure section of my server to host things that might have senstive info ie: shopping cart, login, etc. however the pad lock doesn't show in IE and the FF padlock has a cross through it since something is not using an https connection and going through http instead.

i know a lot of customers look for the pad lock so i need to have it on my shopping cart and after 2 days of going over everything i can think of i can't find whats still using http any ideas?

Thats the cart, thanks in advance

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Does it say HTTPS://

also did you make your own certificate?
IE7 gives masses of warnings about self signed certs

Cert is signed by a validated cert authority (go daddy) and is concisdered valid, also it does say https.

I know what the problem is, i just dont know WHERE the problem is. Hopeing an extra pair of eyes might help me see where the insecure link is.

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