Of course this is a hypothetical scenario. Let’s suppose that you can’t choose last three or four decades, and that you can’t choose to be a historical (real or imaginary) figure so when in history would you choose to live, where and why?

I'd rather like to be an engineer at the start of the industrial revolution in England. Just think of the possibilities...

I'd quite like to live towards on the 25th December 1990 at CERN, to see the birth of the World Wide Web.

I think 1990 is in the last three or four decades though.

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My bad.

1972 was four decades ago. You could be alive during the sixties.

Another option is WW II, which is one of the most interesting times in technological history.

Any earlier and you start entering the pre-penicillin days which is not a very fun experience. You could go to Mozart's time and mess with music history.

1969, I would love to see the moon landing live.

I would love to live in India in the 17th century when it was the real golden bird. I would have copied all of the current updated theories and published it in my name :D.. hahaha

real or imaginary) figure so when in history would you choose to live, where and why?

@Agilemind I was only a small boy in 1969 (six years old) but I can clearly remember the family all gathering around the very small, black and white, TV set and watching the moon landings. It was a huge event and left a mark on my young memory.

ugh, this is hard. i can't even imagine myself not having a computer . but still i will think about this ..

I would choose to live in any century following King Arthur, but further north, maybe in the Lake District.
Ideally I'd grow up in a village where my father has a trade like blacksmith, carpenter, or other craft. Somehow I'd want to learn reading and writing.
My ideal profession would be a travelling minstral. No not to sing songs, but rather I'd tell stories in one town, that I picked up in another town. Imagine a life of continuous story-telling, and reporting on news of the nation!

The sixteenth or seventeenth centuries would be good - completely barbaric but simple - except for missing email, flushing loos, chocolate, phones, medicine, heating ... on a very large farm in the Highlands - miles away from anything and anyone ...

The 50's.. Doctors smoked because they thought it cleared out the lungs and everybody was drunk @ work because it just looked cool in the office.

Best would be in the 7th century i surely that century!!!!

been here three years. just read the private messages... A welcome from happygeek 3 years ago, and we miss you from 2 years ago. I choose to answer this question now for no particular reason of importance.

I would like to be in the czech area around 1890s as a youngin, live to be elderly around ww2. playing with metallurgy and internal combustion engines in early 1900s....the nesselsdorfer, tatra, the trucks ...to witness what thief stepped up and robbed and pillaged and needed a world war...twice.

If I was able to travel back in time, I would probably also be able to travel very large distances instantly. I think I would travel back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

In 2050, after smart and honest super-robots have been elected to run the country, replacing the usual slimy lot of human politicians. Also iPad300 just came out with unlimited battery life, 500 yotta bytes of memory containing every song ever written, every movie ever made and the explanation of every invention up to that point. You can also create your own movie by just talking it over with the pad.

Looks like I have to wait till 2050 to buy one of those neat gadgets!

bgd73: Haha, very belated welcome! :)