I need the view of someone who knows about how eyes work, mainly how they deteriorate. My optician told me that I should keep my glasses on for as long as I can because it will make sure my eyes won't deteriorate even more. But then again, I've heard a lot of people say that wearing glasses actually make eyes deteriorate.

I'm not sure on what to believe, any help??

An optician is a specialized health care practitioner who designs, fits and dispenses lenses for the correction of a person's vision. I wouldn't call an optician an expert in eyes. I'd get a second opinion from an ophthalmologist.

As someone who has lots of current experience with vision loss (I don't wear this eye patch for fashion reasons me hearties) I would agree with The Rev. I have great respect for opticians, mine got me an emergency appointment with the consultant opthalmologist when I saw him thanks to a sudden deterioration in vision and thanks to that my Wet Macular Degeneration was diagnosed and the eyeball injection treatment started the same day, but he will readily admit that he's 'not an eye doctor' and the opthalmologist is the person to see for medical advice.

My optician could harbor alterior motives about wanting his clients to get vision loss year after year, so they come back to him for no glasses - which is why I'm asking...

They say don't ask the barber if you need a haircut. I never get my eyes checked at a place that also sells lenses.

In the UK you have little choice but to see an optician for your eye tests, unless you have a diagnosed condition that means you are under the care of an eye clinic at the hospital that is.

I usually see an optician for an eye test, but I do have the choice of seeing an opthalmologist. We are covered for one eye test every two years. A few years ago I started seeing vertical black streaks in one eye, sort of like what you would see on a really old black and white movie that had been screened too many times. I also got flashes of light when lookling left or right (same eye). I got in tot he opthalmologist within an hour. After a thorough exam (which was repeated several times over the next week) they determined that it was normal. As the retina ages it shrinks and this can occasionally cause temporary symptoms like I was getting. They went away and haven't returned. These examinations were also covered.