Hi everyone,

I have been working on some research for at least a week but have made so little ground it is extremely frustrating. I am hoping that somewhere here has the expertise to point me in the right direction. Any help is much appreciated.

Essentially I want to find out the websites that XL Media operate. They are a betting marketing site (essentialy then run affiliate websites). They are publicly listed but do not list their sites. I have tried Whois, IP addresses, Analytics search etc. but nothing. There is the option of doing a reverse IP search on registrant for minimum $100, but before that I thought I would ask if anyone has any good ideas, or ideally has come across any information?

Anything would be gratefully received.

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I dont think you could find all their websites

They appear to be a facilitator, a provider of click-to-play links for gambling providers.

XLMedia owns more than 2,000 web sites, in 17 languages, which act as a “customer doorway” for gambling operators. These content rich websites are designed to attract online gaming players which are then directed to XLMedia’s clients. Sophisticated research, optimisation, testing and analysis on in-house platforms ensure that the websites maintain high rankings on internet search engines, which in turn drives online traffic.

many such turn out to be untouchable, the links may be to scumbags, but the provision of the link is grey

Multiple sites, registered to multiple holding companies,
wholely owned subsidiaries, but with their own structures directors and act as their own registrants in different jurisdictions.

XLMedia Plc is incorporated in Jersey(Registered Number 114467). Registered office: 12 Castle Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3RT. The rights of shareholders may differ to those of a UK incorporated company.

My bold

Jersey, is a tax and liability haven
and the office is IN the Jersey Financial Services Commission building,
Dodgy? dunno but sure looks dodgy

Connection between them is obscure and secure.
It takes enforcement years to trace the cash flow, with hundreds of agents and specific snoop software.
If they wish to hide any corporate links, it is much easier than finding them