We have some unfortunate news which was confirmed by Dani and Prit. Our good old friend, Melvin aka Ancient Dragon passed away on Aug 21, 2014. :`(

His obituary can be found here (link courtesy of Prit).

Those who have been here for a long time and those who lurk in the Software Development forums would surely know of his contributions and the impact he made on the community as a whole. He loved gaming and was passionate about programming and helping out others.

RIP Mel, you and your contributions will surely be missed...


Sad news indeed, rest in peace Melvin!

Looking at his age, I should rename myself the "More Ancient Dragon"

This is really sad... He was such a nice guy and a staple of this community. He had a wealth of knowledge and always a great attitude with everyone. He will be missed very much. RIP Mel.

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Greatly missed Mel. Your gentlemanly ways and patience serve as a lesson to us all. A giant.

Yes, it's quite incredibly sad news indeed. :( To think he's been such a huge part of DaniWeb ever since the beginning.

The last two months or so, no posts from AD. Thought maybe he was on a long journey... Well he took the longest journey you can take. Feel very sad.
R.I.P. Mel. :(

My worse fears confirmed. We will miss you Mel. The world of programming will miss you Mel. One of the most helpful and knowledgeable guys ever to have blessed DaniWeb with his presence.


Oh no! Really sad to hear that.
I never met him in person, but like many members of the community, I've had a fair bit of interaction with him here on DW and elsewhere on the net.

Mel was a top bloke. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to help. He will be sorely missed. RIP Mel! :'(

As for the non-programming posts, I learned a lot from my discussions with Mel on topics where we were diametrically opposed. I'll miss him.

He was a gentle dragon. Will be missed.

Sorry to hear that.


I am sadden by his death.. May he rest in peace

Sad news. RIP, Ancient Dragon.

I can't express how sad reading this made me, from what I've seen on DaniWeb, he was amazing person, increadably skilled software developer and a human. RIP :(

What I like is when someone posts in the Jokes thread and it bubbles the thread to the top of the list. AD started that thread so it's just a little reminder that he was here and will not be forgotten.

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Nice one RJ. My memories of Mel will be for his community spirit. When I think of the number of times that we goaded him into discussion about some contentious issue, it brings a smile to my face. We were rarely on the same side of the argument, but he always conducted himself as a true gent, while people around him were losing their rags and showing their worst sides (myself included).

He had the good grace to concede points but also to stick by his guns (literally!) when he thought he had a fair point. Although, like many others on this site, I never met him, I will really miss him.

Thanks for link RJ, amazing things on there =)

This is honestly sad to hear. I have been gone for 2 months and I never thought i would even read this. I have learned a lot from reading his posts, he oftenly enlightened me by correcting my mistakes in the geek's lounge, just as Jim and Pritaeas would do. Or by reading his technical posts.

Rest in peace Melvin, you will be missed by the everyone.

I don't want to be insulting or anything, but on that site, it says he was born in 1043?

Yes he is one of the knights on the Bayeux tapestry, a very good friend of William the Conqueror.

well ... <M/> ... why do you think he called himself "Ancient" Dragon ?
indeed, a great loss to the programming world and his family.

Oh wow, I didn't know about the magic dragon's demise. What a tragedy!

Also... his very last post was a post correcting my mistake... in the geek's lounge :/

When I first joined I was a spammer and sort of had no filter.. He sent me message that really changed my attitude.. In honor of him and his service in the military I did put him on our roster at school for our Veterans Day program honored veterans.

Warrens, I've noticed a big improvement in your attitude. What was it that AD said to you?