guys,whats yours opinion about startup releated to global warming!!
i got idea about recycling fossil fuels where the petrol/diesel burnt will be collect on back of the car tank and that black carbon will be condensed to make ultra lightweight sheet......

Did you really just hijack your own thread...

I agree with vegaseat it's too easy there for America cannot do it.

Having an idea is one thing. Then come the next step(s):

  1. find funding
  2. find out HOW to do it
  3. try and get it done in such a way, that you can set the price as something that can compete with current technologies.
  4. be able to sell your implementation of how to do it to an industry that, frankly, doesn't give a hoot.

If you can do all that, it might have a shot.

Hydrocarbons burn to form water and carbon dioxide. The latter would be hard to collect in your car since it is a gas.

It is more complexer than that HiHe. A mixsture of fuel and air explodes to drive the engine. The oxygen not only oxidates the fuel, but also the nitrogen from the air to form different nitrogenoxides which contribute to smog forming. But the OP surely has a solution for that too.