I recently donated to DaniWeb as a member. It originally said for less than $4.00 per month you can have access to other privileges. I'm confused, because when I checked again it said $5.00+ per month. I'm just wondering which amount is correct?* The reason why is, I thought I had given 3 months worth of (membership/sponsorship)the first one I recently read was in late October of this year. Less than $4.00 per month. What is the difference between donating and sponsoring? I didn't want to type it here, but it has been a week, since you've received it. I want to thank you again for all your help. CS Cgal I really appreciate your new point system. Yes, it does encourage me to try harder. I'm still lost here at DaniWeb, but I'm confident my questions will be answered. Why?, because all of you are awesome!, care, and want to help. Thank you again.:)

If you become a DaniWeb sponsor by making a 12 monthly donation of $45 the monthly cost equates to just $3.75, for a six monthly donation of $25 the monthly equivalent is $4.16, whereas a monthly donation is $5.00

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From my hero: Happygeek If you become a DaniWeb sponsor by making a 12 monthly donation of $45 the monthly cost equates to just $3.75, for a six monthly donation of $25 the monthly equivalent is $4.16, whereas a monthly donation is $5.00

Thank you so much for inspiring me and taking care of that mistake. Can you mark that as solved? I put down a response regarding that and thanked you. Thank you for your encouragement. I will answer this more tomorrow. I did give $12.00 for three months. From EG G' More. and put Agapelove68. It's late & I'm tired & don't want to make a mistake. I'll mark this thread as solved tomorrow when I'm more alert. It's past my bedtime. He!:) 40+ year old needs rest too. Thank you for all your help Happy Geek! See you tomorrow.:)

Re: Re: Donation/sponsoring I appreciate all that you do Happygeek. I had to leave my other thread due to an emergency that I had to deal with immediately. Any ways you don't have to respond to this, but you can if you want to. I want to bring you laughter and have others laugh because of this. I'm sure it will get all corrected. We are on a real budgets income, otherwise, I would have sent $25.00. I could only send what we could afford. In the confusion that you just clarified, now I understand how it works. I guess it will only be for two months and change. Unless you come out with a poor persons special for three months donation. :)***
***** I had already ask the question, "What is your address & where can I send my donation?" in so many words. But I didn't receive an answer. I located the address, no offense, I just don't trust paying over the internet. It's not you or Dani-Web, it's the internet. I'm sure you understand. ***
*****Anyways, I guess I'll find out shortly, what the Administrators, Super Moderators, Moderators and/or whomever will make that decision. It's up to their discretion. ***
*****I stated to Nick Evan that I am trying to forget the past and move forward. The other threads I could not respond to & now you will know why I couldn't respond. If these can be corrected as solved threads, after I tried to respond to all of them but couldn't. I would greatly appreciate that. You'll understand what happened to me & I could get into more specifics with a private message. Only if you need to. I would greatly appreciate it if you could. I would be so re leaved, because it was weighing heavy on my heart for months.+++ After that is corrected...>>>> Then move forward>>>>>+++ That is why I call you "My Hero and inspiration." You took the time out to investigate and then cheered me up. But I was to afraid & embarrassed to tell you the rest of what took place. Maybe you already know what happened. I wish I could give you an award. Hmmmmmm....Maybe a special poem just for you. Sorry, how do you give someone a reputation point? Or is that only reserved for the Moderators, Super Moderators, and the Administration?.***
*****If I would have known beforehand, when I first joined Dani-Web in June, I would have reported the following matter/matters. :( The spammer trying to lead me to false religious websites that were an insult. I did not know how to deal with that and unsubscribed to those original threads.But I know all in the end, that this also will be corrected and resolved in a positive manner.:) I was too embarrassed & ignorant to know what to do.:$= :S That is why I never answered those replies. ***Besides that, I couldn't in any way:*** due to the following: :) + :D +++HERE is where you can have a good laugh on what Agapelove68 thought hijacking was...+++
***All I could see is someone else thread/response to my thread. There was no place to respond to them. I thought hijacking a thread was typing in their response to me in order to respond to them. That's what I thought hijacking a thread was. Does that make sense? :) ***Lets just say this was you response, "No Problem," was typed in here. That is what I saw. No place for me to respond to you, unless I wanted to type underneath your "No problem" response to me. That would have been the only way to respond to you, using that example. **** :)
***:) + :D
*****So, get a laugh out of Agapelove68, thinking that if I do that, I would be hijacking someones thread. :) But I didn't in your description raising the dead and using that for my own thread; from years ago; and their knowledge typing it and using that for my own, and trying to take credit for it. No I wouldn't do that I have ethics as a retired teacher.:@ <<< :) >>> All I did was put in thank you, tried to get out of it, but it wouldn't let me. But in essence, that's what I thought hijacking a thread was.:D ***
Thank you for taking out the time for all of this. I appreciate you My Hero Happygeek and yes there are others whom have encouraged me, inspired me, or just being themselves. Cs Cgal + ~SoS~ + Maceman + Andre-Ret + Caperjack + Prita eas + Ancient Dragon + Jonsca + Crunchie + Nick Evan and more. Thank you again I hope that this lifted up your spirits & given you a cheerful heart with laughter. :D :)

OK, I will attempt to answer your questions (as best I understand them, anyway) and provide some advice at the same time:

1. Donations can be sent to our office address of DaniWeb LLC, 1140 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556 if you do not want to pay online.

2. Hijacking is defined at DaniWeb as asking a new question of your own within an existing thread by someone else, instead of starting a new thread. To start a new thread simply navigate to the appropriate forum and hit the bit towards the top which says "Click Here To Start A New Thread".

3. I have marked the old threads as solved, although they are long forgotten. The past is, indeed, the past and genuine mistakes are forgiven at DaniWeb.

4. You can give anyone reputation by tapping the up arrow to the right hand side of any of their postings, and add some comment as to why in the box that pops up.

5. Any posts that break the rules, or you find offensive, can be reported by using the 'Flag Bad Post' button to the left side of each posting, under the details of the user who posted it. This will open a box that lets you explain the problem, and thje posts is then flagged in a special forum where it can be seen by all the moderators and dealt with as soon as possible.

And now for the advice, which I trust you will take in the genuine spirit with which it is delivered:

Avoid the use of multiple colours in your postings, and multiple smiley faces, as they just make it difficult to read.

Try and focus on the precise question that you wish to pose, rather than the 'stream of consciousness' type postings that you have been making as these, too, are somewhat difficult to read and comprehend to be honest.

I guess what I am saying is that less is more :)

Anyway, thanks for sticking with us and here's hoping that you do find what you are seeking within the DaniWeb community.

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