Since i joined daniweb , i have been thinking why there is no video uploading option.. I know we can upload images , then why not videos?? Sometimes we cant type the queries or we cannot explain the questions theoratically . So it maynot be possible to ask or type the question. It is going to be of GREAT help if there is a chance of uploading a video. It may require huge database and huge maintainence of daniweb server. But it will be awesome and great relief to daniweb users as they can ask the queries more effectively . We can also put a limit on size of the video as well so that uploading limit cannot exceed.

Or else the least option would be uploading a video on youtube or someother websites and pasting the link here..:)

Not a good idea IMO.

1) Many (most) of us won't open attached files or linked images. We certainly won't watch a video.

2) As you pointed out, "It may require huge database and huge maintainence of daniweb server." Who's going to pay these extra costs?

3) You gave the solution already: "[upload] a video on youtube or someother websites and [paste] the link here".

And in concert with 1 & 2 above what about spammers that upload porn? Why should DaniWeb pay for all the bandwidth that was completely wasted?

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WWS applies.

WWS = What Walt Said :)

Hmmm..Technology can be used both for good and bad. But due to some idiots(those who posts spam) , the entire people should suffer..! What a pity!

Don't understand. You mean the idiots that charge for bandwidth and disk space? Isn't it their servers and their internet connection? That was my main point. Spam was just an incidental. Reread points 1,2,3. No spam.

Video uploads seem emminently impractical to me. On top of the size issue (even small videos are relatively gigantic), and latency of retrieving the files, there's also the problem of playback for various formats.

If we implemented something even remotely like this, at the very most it would be tags to directly embed a YouTube player for playback rather than actual upload onto our servers.

If you can't explain your problem in text then a video is not going to help. Personally, I wouldn't waste my time or the bandwidth.

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DW permits code and screenshots/images. I can't see how including video helps. An in-depth tutorial for example, yes, but that may be beyond the scope of a help forum.

I think the most effective approach is that if someone needs to refer to a video tutorial, upload to youtube or other site dedicated to video and just link to it. It solves the need (if it exists) to explain in more detail via video, while not requiring this forum site to deal with the additional requirements for hosting video. Spam linked to video would be treated no different than any other spam link posted.