I have a .htaccess plus PHP question and I am trying to find the answer my own over last months. Of course I have asked friends programmers but they have no clue about it.

Because I have this question for many months I am not sure that I haven’t posted a question already in Hardware and Software > Linux and Unix section. I am not sure what way is there in Daniweb to find out that, so maybe there is and sorry for mentioning it , but if is , is not an obvious one.

There could be an advanced searching option that you could search for some keywords in topics ( or thread ) and a certain poster username ( or not ) and many-many more. This is just a suggestion.

Thank you Dani, if this is a search that I could have done without asking please provide me the way to do so , and also could be helpful to others to have a unified way to do that kind of searches. To be clear, DANIWEB is great; I am just suggesting something that could make it even better …