SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. I don't know more about this please tell me about seo?

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SEO is a term to get traffic to your site very easily and at very low cost.

It include site build, keywords analysis, keywords layout on the site page,write page title and 3 metas, link building, and so on.

The overall goal is to design your site in a manner to get search engines to highly rank your pages and move your links up in search engine results, thereby increasing traffic to your site.

High level summary:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the best and powerful web marketing tool for those who want o establish their online business. If you are also want to same thing then SEO is the best optio for you and you will earn money through it as well.

SEO is search engine optimization. Through this process your website pages are visible in search engine

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SEO is effective method for internet marketing.

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