Not sure if this is related but my laptop crashed three independant times using daniweb and only daniweb.

When I was browsing other sites no issues. It completely froze and I had to do a hard power off!

I wasn't logged in.

What page were you on each time? Were they pages that include the editor? Do you have ads disabled in your member profile? Could it have been the same ad showing each time?

Very strange for you to bring this up; I had the same thing happen to me on Friday when I navigated to the watched article page. I thought "no way Daniweb could have caused this" but now I'm curious. ;)

OK, so the watched article page eliminates the problem from being the editor. That's caused similar problems for us in the past that were tough to track down, so that's a big one.

There have been other javascript changes recently, so in house javascript can't be off the table.

It's possible there's a rogue ad that started showing up for both of you guys recently causing problems. Are either of you using an ad block? And do you have ads disabled in your profile? (Note those are two very different things).

The worst thing i had when using daniweb would be when in some cases the pages just load really slow... never once where is was a full blown crash where it involved me reseting my computer

I have ads disabled in my profile. Just happened again, it doesn't appear to be on any specific page. I don't have any ad blockers, the only web plugin I have is chrome's screen capture but that has NEVER caused any issues before.

The only link appears to be when I have been logged out. It was a full crash, I'm on linux so the entire machine locks and I couldn't bring up the terminal to kill the process.

I have ads disabled in my profile.

Good to know.

it doesn't appear to be on any specific page.

Please make a note of what pages it happens on. While it might appear random to you, it could be a huge clue for me, as certain javascript runs on certain types of pages and not on others.