I have a toshiba and recently my computer screens turns completely off when it goes to the login screen but i can still here the sounds and everything the screens just turns off but the laptop is still on, but the weirdest thing is when i shut it down by holding down the shutdown button,the laptop starts again and ask to go to safe mode(like any other laptop or computer does when you shut it down like that)so i go into safe mode AND THE SCREEN WORKS FINE, so i shut it down properly and YET AGAIN THE SCREEN turns off when it goes to the login menu? i dont think i have heard this happen to other ppl, i know their screen goes pitch black or the laptop shuts down but this one is just odd? PLease if anyone has any suggestions please i will try anything!

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Just to rule this one out: Have you turned the brightness up?

this caused by a polluted software.to resolve this, first login through the safemode and uninstall the recently installed software which you think that may polluted.now shutdown your laptop and try to log in directly.

If it is able to log in using safe mode then try restoring the computer to an early time where it worked well. You can do this by directly going to start menu- Accessories-system tools and system restore depending on the operating system and try to restore the computer to an early time when it was working.If this doesn't work I would recommend that you try to repair the operating system. Im quite sure some files are missing out. Thanks

Since you have a laptop you can try to take out the battery for a few minutes.
Also consider is there might be a virus?
And then if all else fails, when you switch it on look for the 'enter system recovery' option and enter it. You can search there for something that helps, if you can't find anything you can rather
1. Wipe your computer (if you have a back-up ofcourse)
2. Go give your laptop in to for pepairment

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