After windows xp microsof launched windows vista and it got failure. Then win 7 got succeed and between some controversals they launcehed win 8. So i would like to know abot win 8 feed back.

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I use Windows 8 Pro. It requires a bit of learning curve after using Windows 7, mainly because there is no Start button. But everything is there in Windows 8, you just have to learn how to find it. I rarely use the Metro screen, prefer the standard Desktop view, which is almost the same as Windows 7. IMO the Metro screen on a PC is a stupid idea, even if your PC has a touch-screen. I don't want my PC to look like a tablet or cellphone -- I want it to look and act like a PC.

Windows 8 installation is simpler for endusers then Windows 7 and contains all or most current device drivers. I didn't have to install any additional drivers -- it detected all my hardware perfectly. Windows 8 boots a bit faster then Windows 7 because the os is not as big. I have not seen Windows 8.1 so I can't comment on it.

many people said windows 8 is not user friendly . is it so?

Actually it is better than thte windows 7. Startup and shutdown times are greately reduced. The biggest problem is that macro style. That is really a botheration. you will find a significant reduction of dialy updates which is a good thing, unlike windows XP,7 etc.. . Other things are pretty mucht the same. Some people say that 8 also give more battery life on laptops. They promised a start menu with Widnows 8.1 which will come soon

If by user friendly you mean

  • we changed everything around for no good reason other than to sell you an upgrade
  • we removed the Start Button which many users find useful
  • we will toss you back into the Metro interface every bloody chance we get
  • we will pop crap up on the screen if you move the mouse to the wrong place
  • we will make it more difficult to actually shut the computer down
  • we will force you to run certain apps only in full screen

then, yes, it is user friendly.

Microsoft used to say "where do you want to go today". Now they are saying "F**k you!. You're going here'"

I think there is a free 3d party start button, but it isn't exactly like that of Windows 7.

many people said windows 8 is not user friendly . is it so?

That's a matter of personal taste and education. Once you figure out where everything is then Windows 8 is ok, except for the metro screen on PCs. But that's easy to change too. You can also remove buttons you don't want on the metro screen. By default every program you install has one or more buttons on the metro screen, but you can remove them if you don't want them.

That's a matter of personal taste and education.

I'm just being ornery. I don't oppose change when there is a good reason. I just don't like change merely for the sake of change. Was there a valid reason to remove the start button? Was there a valid reason to deny the users a choice of default environments? Microsoft could have provided the choice so that tablet/touch users get Metro and people who actually produce stuff get the Desktop. Start8 and ModernMix give mw what I want for a mere $9 but why could I not have been given the choice without having to go third-party? What could Microsoft possibly hope to gain by giving the middle finger to such a large base of users?

I love 8 and am sure it love me too!!!!!!

i feel little bit difficult when am explore some thing and it is unlike of win 7.

because its win8 not win7 some people are best to stay with win7

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Nice to hear about Windows 8...
Windows Bring the new update Windows 8.
And now they also make update oof it and create new windows 8.1.
Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 having most similar function
win 8.1 contain the start button.

Windows 8(or 8.1) is the best update from windows.
Windows 8 bring the new graphic to this new life...

windows 8 change the way of start button.
windows 8 look professional.
windows 8 store help to get the coolest application
windows 8 does'nt have inbuilt games but can be download those games from windows 8 store.
Windows 8 having the new look of opening the app and closing the app.
To use Windows 8 is the Entertainment and more and more...

Thank you
For More details

google it out

you need to get used to windows 8 and its a bit faster than windows 7.

XP does not get in your way.

Vista and 7 get in your way with aqnnoying features that waste your time.

8 is the only version of Windows that is worse than CP-M. It is designed to waste your time.

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