Seems all good so far. However, image uploads aren't working for me. Shame as I spent 15 minutes crafting an answer with an appropriate image. Ended up deleting the post as it didn't mean much without the image.

Just trying it from here Alan.

<a minute later> Hmmm, think you might be right. I get a thumbnail of the image with a progress bar going nowhere and an option to cancel and that's it.

Awwe Alan, you shouldn't have done that. I plan on getting images working ASAP. Do you still have the post saved in notepad or something? Let me get right on this ...

Perhaps a temporary internet glitch? Didn’t change anything on my end.

Both links in my post are now showing broken thru lines. When clicked they go to a red page with a big notice saying the link is broken. Odd?

I'd include a screenshot but can't seem to upload from mobile.

They're showing as broken due to the downtime we had the other day (there was a memory leak hiccup from the launch). Our crawler must have crawled them while they were down.

@alan.davies. I pulled up my Moto G 5th gen and went to this discussion. THAT was PAINFUL. It was hard to hit the rigth spot to get here. But that's beside the point.

I managed to click on your link (it's lined out) and off it went to:

  2. Now I'm seeing a SALMON colored screen with a big X and "Broken Link". Well, let's try "Continue to the URL Anyways."
  3. Finally I'm at the intended discussion with "I'm not sure..."

Looks like I need to install an ad blocker and Ghostery on my mobile to avoid all this. Nod to Airplane and "I picked a bad day to stop using ad-blockers."

To all, this sort of jumping through hoops on mobile can't be good for gathering new mobile users.

Thanks rp and Dani. I mainly use mobile these days for perusing dw. It was pretty bad before but a little better now. Still limited stuff on editor. Not that I want to type a lot of code on mobile but the odd image could be useful. The manual markdown used to work, haven't tried it on here yet but still how to upload image on mobile?

Images are not yet supported on mobile, but they will be soon. The editor we currently use has a new, mobile-friendly version in the works that is expected to be released soon, so we're going to upgrade just as soon as it does.

It's hard to spend so much time focusing on mobile when it's literally 1% of our traffic. Yes, I know, you could argue that if we had a more mobile-friendly site, then our mobile traffic would increase. But our vertical as a whole (programming help) is skewed heavily towards desktop users. We do have a very robust API so someone can make a native mobile app ;) Hint hint.

commented: I feel like I'm in a world of hints. +0

Too early to tell as of yet, will need a week or two in order (for me at least) to get an idea if this is happening with what I see - although I suspect that I might not be the best case study as an admin.

Davey, do you have a status report for this one? ;)

On the connected with similar interests front, as I suspected I think being admin rather colours my contact with others so the algorithm probably doesn't stand much of a chance of working out what my actual interests are.