There are new smilies!:)
I'm in love!:*
Any questions?:?:

joshSCH commented: I think the smilies are awesome! -Joshsch +2
iamthwee commented: nice(thwee) +9

These are disgusting! That's it, I'm moving to Canada.

:ooh: they're not so bad..

i don't see how this one is 'pretty' though: :pretty: looks to me like it's got red eyes and enourmas eyebrows.. :scared:

where's the laughing smily :@ Otherwise, I :* them. :cool:

Sincerely, I don't like them. :confused:

there much better than the old ones though.

what do the little gold stars under your username mean by the way?

These are disgusting! That's it, I'm moving to Canada.

Don't forget to change your location to Canada.....;)

1 word:


Aside from ;) I like them. That one just looks... I dunno... wrong... :-/

This is the laughing one ... :D

Hehe.. some of them look funny... but other than that, I like them!
:);):cool: yay!

> These are disgusting! That's it, I'm moving to Canada.
What's so special about Canada?

Smilies are pretty good, better than the old ones... they seem to be more romanticized than the old ones... :) :*

I still miss
:mrgreen: and :cheesy: and :rolleyes: and :o

Could those be brought back? And not to be nitpicky, but could :) have a larger smile? He's supposed to look happier!

But other than that, they're great, thank you. Definitely an improvement over the previous ones.

You mean this? => :icon_mrgreen:

>You mean this?
Hey, thanks for the tip! :icon_biggrin: haha, the old emoticons haven't really been destroyed, maybe I will keep using them :icon_mrgreen:


commented: i like the green one how did you make the second one's eyes move +1
commented: cute smilies :) - Christina +4

Love that new Mr Cheesy, we have just got to have it!

Yes, get animated smileys. That's important. Then I can look at them and forget how empty my soul is.

Any of the above I've posted are yours for the smiley list.

So what else do you want me to make? :)

Go Walt !! Go for it. :-)

The gold stars are a rating of your posts.

The gold stars are a count of your posts.

What did that have anything to do with this thread?

how about some animated smileys :?:

No no no no no!

No more stuff that moves. The ads are too distracting as it is!

Moving pictures should be restricted to demonstrating concepts.

commented: . -1

I think they are pretty cool..

I'm not overly fond of ;)
It looks really lame...

What about