just another idea... why don't you have a link that shows all unanswered threads? That might allow for people to get their questions answered quicker

Right now, to see a listing of all unanswered threads, click the Search link in the navigation bar. Then just use the drop down below the words "Find Threads with" to say "At most" 0 replies. Then just click search. I want to add such a link - just having a hard time figuring out where ;)

maybe make Today's posts "Posts" as a dropdown menu and then having: Todays posts and unanswered posts there or something...

Anyways, I don't know anything, just a suggestion.

That was the original plan - until I found out that quite a few members using Mozilla in linux are unable to use the dropdowns at all - by turning today's posts into a drop down, it's a lose-lose for them. :(

Bummer... hmm I'll sleep on that one.

At the risk of losing the link to the FAQ (which is somewhat redundant because there already is a link to the forum Rules, which is a subsection to the FAQ) I have added a link to unanswered threads :)


I find this extremely useful. Thank you for the change.