Well, I don't normally give out my email addy on bulletin boards, but I'm desperate. I can't access other threads to find out the solution to this problem because IE won't go to those links! ARGH!! Could someone please email me some help? My email address is loveliftin@yahoo.com. I would really appreciate someone's help on getting this resolved. Thanks in advance to those that can help.

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The poster claims he can't read any threads. Very odd, that IE should distingusih between threads and forums.

How were you able to post? What error do you get?

why r u bothering to ask him/her questions in this topic if (s)he supposedly can't read it?

SCS gal did you check the IP to make sure this isnt a multiple account if it is will you post the Handle I have my suspicions

why r u bothering to ask him/her questions in this topic if (s)he supposedly can't read it?

Because obviously they were able to successfully navigate to this site, navigate to the appropriate forum, use the new thread button, and successfully post.

I'm in aggreement with Ben. Fishy, fishy. But maybe the person was somewhere else when they submitted this post, and wanted help through email. It could be a spamer, but they have bettery ways of getting emails. Could be a hacker, but they too have their ways, although the people replying are considering themselves "techies" therefore a greater "hack" to accomplish. Maybe I've had too much coffee this morning and need to stop typing . . .

I imagine a spammer. While IPS can easily be retreived from e-mails, most of them will be dynamic and change before they can take any action.

I imagine a spammer.

I imagine someone from this site who(he) hasnt replyed to this question yet which seems weird considering he post to almost every question maybe they're weak trap didnt work out like it was supposed to...

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