As you guys know, the rounded corners script was disabled because it was causing some problems with web browsers hanging and such. I have reimplemented a DIFFERENT rounded corners script and am interested to hear if it causes similar problems. I only need feedback for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 please. Thanks!

Nevermind. Temporarily disabled. :)

I can see rounded corners now?

And im having no problems (IE7) but on dialup/pda its really slow to wait for them to load

You weren't seeing ALL the rounded corners though :) Try again now please, everyone! (In Internet Explorer only, please) Let me know if you're getting any type of weird behaviour ... JavaScript errors, browser hangs, suddenly much slower behaviour than over the past few weeks, etc.

Please specify whether you're using IE6 or IE7. I am only interested in IE feedback here because the JavaScript I'm currently working on is IE-specific.

Can I assume that these rounded corners aren't causing the same problems the old version did?

Its looking nice but takes little bit more time to load the webpage on IE6 (at 40Kbps Leaseline) at first time loadup.

A couple of the JavaScript files have changed, which would mean that your web browser needed to redownload them on first call instead of fetching them from your browser's cache. How are subsequent page views?

Fast. The site hates IE5 though in case you wanted to know

No page i viewed before entering DaniWeb. But at first loadup (when i enter into DaniWeb) it realy takes a minute to open and render itself.

what speed connection are you on?

im on a pc with xp, 384mb ram and 1ghz cpu running IE7 and it takes about 3 seconds tops

And all of you guys are using IE, right?

Yep, IE7 and IE6 and on my PDA its IE4/IE5 compatible (minor css and JS errors but ok generally)

Minor CSS and JS errors? What are they? JavaScript errors are exactly what I was looking for information on.

Sometimes on IE5 ( in my country windows 98 is still by used by like 30% of people) you get "Error on line (x)" for javascript and the css in IE6 and below sometimes doesnt display quite right. Also there is a small bug of the combo box under "search" on the right hand side, showing through the code snippets dropdown menu.

Windows 98 ?! IE5 !? You lost me after that ... :)

Ok, what i was trying to say is that daniweb doesnt work in IE5, which believe it or not, is still used by a hell of a lot of people. In it you get JS errors E5 (ones like "script error on line 16") and you get CSS errors too (site looks really screwy)

In IE6 you sometimes get small CSS errors and if you hover over where it says "blogs" the combo box for searching posts seems to show through (z-order?)

Cool, thanks.

I am not concerned with IE5 because, aside from being rather old, stats show that only 0.11% of the DaniWeb audience uses it.

The combo box showing through is a well-known IE6 bug that has been fixed in IE7. It doesn't affect Mozilla or other browsers. There is some JavaScript that can be used to fix it, but at this point, I don't think it's necessary to slow down page loading even more with JavaScript to fix something that is a known bug on an old version of a web browser.

Till browser not response for a while when jump to different forums...its happening after rounded corner changes also unable to open smiley selector and font colour selector.

If it's a slower response when switching forums, it might be because each forum now has a new JavaScript file which your browser hasn't had a chance to cache yet.

Regarding the smiley selector and font color selector, it's not that they aren't opening, but that they are opening in very weird places you'd never find them at. I will look into this.

Is this being caused by rounded corners ?

Only happens for Posts since last visit > all forums

Today's posts > all forums displays ok

What's wrong with square corners?

What's right with the round ones? ;-)

Round things are aesthetically pleasing they reflect soft things, and social things (round tables for example) Instinctively we are more drawn to them.

Square corners harken to sharp hard things like weapons or thorns. They are prickly so they do not engender the same subconcious notions.

My posterior is round and very talkative today! :D

Rounded corners remind me of pills and drugstores. Yutch!