Have you ever envisioned being Robocop? Have you ever envisioned being Robocop with the funding of Lockheed Martin? Enter the hydraulic-powered anthropomorphic exoskeleton known as the Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC), the result of Lockheed Martin’s partnership with Berkeley Bionics that was unveiled earlier today.

Like something straight out of a James Cameron movie, the HULC exoskeleton has recently begun eight weeks of rigorous field tests in Afghanistan. The system, comprised of primarily titanium components, offers strength without compromising weight. Managed by an on-board processor, the hydraulics at the leg joints are put into action as sensors all over the chassis monitor your every move, mimicking the motion. Its flexible design allows for a complete range of natural movements, including kneeling crawling, squatting, and a run up to 10 mph.

The HULC is ready to take the weight of the world off of the backs of US troops by minimizing the effort a soldier exerts and reducing the wearer’s metabolic cost. In the process, soldiers will be able to carry loads up to 200lbs on the backpack frame plus the 53lbs of the device itself, alleviating the carried weight. According to project lead Doug Medcalf, the impact is so profound that “the soldier has the feeling of maybe an extra five to 10 pounds.” Attachments are also being engineered to front-load additional equipment. The end result is a well-rested soldier capable of enduring long missions at higher altitudes while decreasing oxygen consumption and preventing fatigue.

The system runs on four lithium polymer batteries for up to 48 hours. Partnering with Protonex Technology Corporation, Lockheed Martin intends on developing a fuel cell-based power solution for extended missions lasting 72+ hours, as well as rechargeable capabilities when all else fails.

"Integrating state-of-the-art power technology on the HULC is a whole system approach to meeting the needs of dismounted Warfighters and Special Operations forces," said Rich Russell, director of Sensors, Data Links and Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. “With proper power management systems, the HULC can be used to recharge critical equipment while carrying heavy combat loads on an extended mission."

A third generation model, the HULC takes its form and function from two previous Berkeley Bionics exo-skeleton prototypes: the ExoHiker, designed for carrying heavy loads, and ExoClimber, designed for rapid ascensions and climbing steep slopes. The current model has birthed three separate ranges of purpose: military functionality, industrial applications, and medically for patients suffering from mobility disorders. The latter two are still currently in development.

And on July 21st, 2010, Skynet became self-aware.

And on July 21st, 2010, Skynet became self-aware.

Not yet, that is when AI is powerful enough.

This by itself is good IMO, I mean what harm can this technology do?

Maybe oppress the weak but then there are other things that give a similar result.

Anyway interesting read.

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Yah, there are nothing but amazing benefits to be had here. The meek are going to get walked over anyways, so what does it matter if it's with hydraulics? And I was really just looking for an excuse to give a nod to T2. It probably would have made more sense if I included links to these insane military advancements:



I follow the technological advances very closely.

Maybe 40 years? ETA on AI surpassing the Human Mind, or maybe We will be able to copy a brain to computer before that.

I would feel safer if it was an AI machine over a human Mind in a machine though.

Have you played MGS: Peace walker? A nuclear deterrent! now that's scary.

You honestly took my next post right out from under my fingers with Metal Gear references. The things in that first video look like they're right out of MGS4. Let's just hope they don't sing that song from Peace Walker whenever they attack.

Or the Imperial AT-AT.

I am not sure what you are referring to in MGS4.

TBH, MGS4 with its very good gameplay feels rather forgettable to me. I can remeber MGS so well, that was the MGS every boss had a tackle, I remember Osalot, Meryl, Phsycosis, The Russain Sniper who used to eat Tranquilizers, How you could get the Bandana or the Stealth suite at the end of the game for more playability. TBH When I think MGS4 the only thing that comes to mind is the part where you get to play the MGS1 cutscene in the shitty graphics.

If you can think of MGS4 and Raiden or the boss battles don't come to mind, we didn't play the same game. Did you play Sons of Liberty or Snake Eater?

I played Sons of Liberty, as soon as you showed me that pic, Some of it started coming back, what I meant was that the original was a classic that I can bring back with ease, but when I tried to recall MGS4, I drew a blank and I thought about it, it was a nice game but why can't I recall it, was it that forgettable? After some thought it seems so. The MGS4 gameplay is available in so many other games, we play MGS for the story Hideo has to tell.

I haven't played Snake Eater. Maybe I should.

Raiden while being the coolest boss in MGS1, is the only one to come as far as MGS4, What's funny is he seems to always die and come back, and now the new game will be featuring him as lead character. Good for him, but I will miss snake.