White House Announces iPhone, iPod Application


Interested in following the Obama presidency?

There's an app for that.

Timed for the State of the Union speech next week, TheWhiteHouse is a free application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that lets users stream video, browse photos, and read text from President Barack Obama's White House.

According to the White House blog, this is just the first step for the WhiteHouse.gov mobile platform. "In the coming weeks, we’ll also launch mobile.WhiteHouse.gov, a mobile-ready version of WhiteHouse.gov that is optimized for any internet-enabled mobile device, including many other phones," the blog entry said.

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People thought it was weird enough that I was both a writer and a computer geek. So then I went and started getting involved in government to pull that in, too. And, y'know, there's a heck of a lot more connections than one might think!

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