Hi everyone!

I'm new member to this forum, you can call me Drycola.
I'm a Visual Basic programmer, currently working on VB5! (I know it seems veryold, but it is very useful too!)
What led me to this forum is my interest in making an operating system. I know it is not an easy task, but trying to do so won't hurt!!
Would anyone please tell me if I should start learning C++ or I just keep going on with classic VB ??

Hi there:
Welcome to the site.
Feel free to post your inquiry in the appropriate forum here!

It is impossible to develop a Operating System by using Visual Basic 5. Anyway, welcome to Daniweb!

Thank you all!

I want to learn about C++, is there any C++ guide for VB programmers?? I don't need to start over from beginning since I had previous experience with Visual Basic.
In other words: What's different between Visual Basic & Visual C++ ??

Welcome to the forum. It's assumed that if you want to write an operating system, you have at least some programming experience. Hopefully, you know either C or C++ fairly well. You should know pointers, structs and the basic data types, control loops, and the preprocessor well, but don't worry about the standard libraries, ANSI or otherwise, since those are essentially irrelevent in systems programming. This is just one thing there are other things too where you have to be expert in to build a OS.

Visual Basic is a programming language, as is C++.
VB derives from BASIC. C++ derives from C.

It wouldn't take you much time to learn C++ since you already have a programming experience. Anyway, C or C++ alone won't able to create an operator system. I think it also requires you to know ASM as well.

Hi...Weclome to Daniweb Friend :)

Thanks to everyone!!

Now I have figured out that I need to learn both C++ & Assembly before being able to design a system!
I think I should start my way step-by-step instead of trying to JUMP! heheh!

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