Hello people,
well is not necessary to say that I am new here :)
so I will start with my introduction.

Name: Yuridia
Nickname: Yuri.
Weight: 145
Hair: at this moment red
Eyes: Brown
Location: CA
Age: 24
Hobbies: Listening to music, going out with friends and family, movies, travel but at this moment I can't :( . learning Portuguese, italian and dutch it's hard :S

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: damn, a lot of stuff...lol... but my favorites musicians are Eros Ramazzotti, Sarah Birghtman, Michael Buble, Bassunter d[^ _^]b, the doors, the carpenters, Tarkan, but I also like brazilian, turkish, dutch, mexican, chinese music, etc. :D

Education: IT-Computer Network System

Work: I'm still a student

Favorite Food: Pizza, and my mother and grandmother's food, oh I love cheese cake too.

Favorite Movies: I can't remember many of them but some that I remember now are: The pianist, HIdalgo, The transporter, Casino royal, Ice age lol, TRansformers,Mad money, and others

Favorite TV Shows: well I don't use to watch movie but I like The x-file, and almost all programs of discovery channel rsrsrs

Stuff you Dislike: lie, and I hate to wait :S I know I should be more patient.

I hope to make new friends here

wish u all of the best and a great weekend =)

keep smiling :D
see ya soon around here

Hello there :) Welcome to DaniWeb. Thanks for the intro!