Hello Friends at Dani Web.
My name is Peter Gard,and i live at
Freestone,Queensland, Australia.I am a retired fitter and turner,and enjoy the quiet life on my 21 acre property.My interests include playing
the guitar,and keyboard organ,as well as taking care of my two
horses,dog,and goldfish.My lady love lives in town,twenty miles away.I
spend the weekends there,we go to the local club where i have a few
beers and she plays the Pokies.Glenda is in the Salvation Army and therefore does not partake of alcohol.I am not bound by these rules,so everything works out fine,she drives the car.

I found DaniWeb this afternoon,I had a monster box(computer)
problem,and it led me to Just Answers,who in turn fixed my problem
for me.It turned out to be a lot cheeper than our local box doctor.
It certainly looks like i was in luck today.
Well friends i can`t make this little introduction into a novel.I hope
i am on the right track with forums,tags,and threads(I thought
thats what you used to sew buttons on)If i am not on the right track with all these funny new words,just give me a kick,and point to the right direction.Nice to meet you all.Peter.