Hi everyone,
I'm Shami80 a new one in Dani Community. I'm vietnamese 30 years old. I'm living in Cali now because of communist regime in VN, the communist took all from my family, land, house, money,...and we became the homeless in VN.

I think that I just a very normal person, it means a very little one because I have nothing, I'm nothing. My intelligent is about under normal level. I have difficult in learning. I understand something very slow by rapport with others. I think i do not have a skill with computer because I need a lot helps of other ones.

Due to a lot of difficulties from computer programming, I wanted to quit the computer for ever but I do not want to be a looser. However, a day I quit computer course, another idea apeared in my head " if I abandoned it..I will be a loose for ever ...if i keep going fighting with the difficulties of computer I still not a looser yet". Since that day, I keep going to learn computer programming although I'm a dummy. I hope you're not laugh about those stupid that I am.
So, that's me. I'm just a very litlle person have nothing and is nothing.

I don't know what to say besides welcome to daniweb and that you need to keep fighting. Learn computer skills and English. If you ever have a question no matter how stupid it may sound post it and everyone here will help you.

hello and welcome. dont give up!