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Hi everybody,

we are an computer retailer with an onlineshop that is active in 8 countries and we are looking for a way to build HTML5 display ads, because they also run on mobile devices. it looks like that everybody is moving from Flash to HTML5 nowadays, but when i google for tools to produce them i only found the display ad builder from bannerflow. Do you have experience with them? Are there any other professional tools out there, that will work? Bannerflow looks quite promising and i like that it just takes seconds to add 10 different sizes or languages.

thank you in advance for your tips and experience.

I remember buying my google product a few years back and the staff are smiling and they don't keep you waiting for long. I think the customer service are slipping away.

commented: Identical, apart from brand name, post to one made by jameswarner account - and equally inappropriate - suggest you stop doing whatever it is you are up to before your account(s) end up in trouble -3
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