hi everybody....

i m piyush chandra studying in mechanical branch at rvce, bangalore, india

i love c programming...
i play with registries
i create heals for comps affected with new viruses...
i install viruses on my comp n find a way to kick them out, to help my friends whose comps affected by virus (god knows y they never update their antivirus)

1 fact : i joined daniweb almost 1 year back but i was inactive... :(
because i didn't had my own comp, i didnt know programming n all the topics looked so hi-tech to me :)

but from now onwards i'll be continuing as an active member....

thnx to dani for creating such a platform

Hi piyush, welcome to DaniWeb a year on :)

welcome to dani web

Welcome! It's always great to see members step up and contribute :)

Welcome to our friendly lands again! :P

Welcome to Daniweb, see you around ^^

hey, can anyone help me...

how can i create my own blogs.....???